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Entrepreneurship is challenging, but you know it’s an opportunity for growth. Embrace uncertainty, focus on what you can control, and cultivate virtues like wisdom and resilience. True happiness comes from living a life of excellence, regardless of external circumstances.

Inspiration Corner

  • Today we’re meeting: Siri Kalvig
    Siri Kalvig, a Norwegian meteorologist, entrepreneur, and researcher. She founded Storm Weather Center, which later became StormGeo, an international leader in private weather forecasting services.

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Say goodbye to uncertainty and “Where should I start?” questions. This Mastermind is here to help you turn your ideas into a reality. From providing personalized brainstorming, framing, and launching support to taking the first step toward your success. Discover your idea’s actual potential and the customers waiting for it. Don’t get stuck, let Just Start Mastermind be your way forward to a successful future

Unlock Your Full Potential


Participating in this mastermind provides accountability, which can help you stay focused and motivated towards your goals. You can also receive feedback and guidance, helping you to stay on track.

Time Efficiency

The mastermind session can help you save time by providing access to resources, knowledge, and insights that can help you avoid costly mistakes and make better decisions.

Valuable Insights

Get access to diverse perspectives, experiences, and knowledge. Gain valuable insights into different industries, trends, and strategies that you may not have otherwise had access to.

It all starts with tapping into your passion and finding the core of your ideas.

Harness your intuition and courage to bring out your best. With expert guidance, assisting you in aligning your ideas with your natural resilience and turning your initial concept of success into a thriving business. Don’t let your entrepreneurial spirit go to waste, unleash your potential and start your journey with Just Start Mastermind today.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

Get Clarity on Your Business Idea with Just Start Mastermind’s Expert Consultation

Your ideas are valuable, even if you only have a single thought. During a 30-minute session, you’ll gain a clear understanding of your strengths and how to turn them into a successful business.

Whether your business is online or in-person, working closely with you is important to help you achieve success

Navigating the business world is filled with obstacles, but this master class will guide you through them. Don’t waste time and fuel your idea with our proven methodology. Frame your knowledge, experiences, and ideas in just minutes and discover the path to professional success with Just Start Mastermind.


“…Created a methodology in order to help people to pin down their creativeness and find a suitable path to increase your chances for professional success-right now and for the future!…”

Cecilia Engfelt, Co-founder G-digit

“…was extremely good at listening and tuning in to my particular needs as a researcher. I highly recommend Just Start Mastermind session to anyone who wants to take the leap…”

Andrea Mannberg, Professor university of Tromsø


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About the FOUNDER

Arnie Van Kerwel

An entrepreneur and creative director who has advised companies in various industries around the world. Born and raised in Cape Town, where he started his career as a video editor before moving to Berlin to work at international award-winning companies in the fields of motion graphics, 3d animation, visual effects, and TV commercial directing. He is now based in Norway and is a board member of a Green IT company, as well as leading Mastermind sessions for leaders and entrepreneurs, and consulting companies on future technologies.