Today we’re meeting: Siri Kalvig

A Norwegian Meteorologist, Entrepreneur, and Researcher

Are you a female entrepreneur looking for inspiration? Look no further than Siri Margrethe Kalvig, a meteorologist, entrepreneur, and researcher from Norway. Born in Stavanger in 1970, Kalvig studied physics, astrophysics, and meteorology at the prestigious University of Oslo and University of Bergen.

Kalvig is a trailblazer for women in the field of meteorology. She made history as the first female weather forecaster on Norwegian TV and later founded Storm Weather Center with TV2, which has grown into an international leader in private weather forecasting services with offices in 22 countries.

In addition to her meteorological work, Kalvig is also an author and researcher. Her book “Vær og uvær” explores weather forecasting in Norway, while her PhD thesis at the University of Stavanger focused on offshore technology.

Today, Kalvig is the CEO of Nysnø Climate Investments, a Norwegian state-owned investment company that invests in companies and projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. She has a proven track record of research, publishing findings, and leading successful businesses in weather forecasting and climate investments.

Kalvig’s success in starting and leading Storm Weather Center in Bergen is a testament to her knowledge, skills, and leadership abilities. As a female entrepreneur, she overcame geographic and societal obstacles to build a thriving business. Her achievements serve as an inspiration to other women in meteorology, climate investments, and entrepreneurship.

In conclusion, Siri Kalvig is a role model for female entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in traditionally male-dominated industries. Her contributions to meteorology and climate investments are significant, and her success in building and leading a thriving business is an inspiration to us all.